Do the Dead Still Care?

Do the Dead ForgiveDo you think the dead still care?
I think they’re still here, surrounding….
That they find it easier to forgive
Than when they were breathing.
They have larger hearts now,
Eyes that are clear, unblinking—
Their spirits are wiser,
Know that each day is sacred gift,
No longer wonder so much as they exist
In the midst of what for us is still mystery.
I don’t think they’re angry at all,
Have found it easy to forgive.
Now they watch over the night,
Sigh with wind in the morning light,
Patiently waiting with love.


Before and Before

BeforeLast night while lost in prayer—
Perhaps it was when asleep,
Awakening within a dream….
I caught a glimpse of something so immense,
Like the lost chord that echoed
Divine music and rhythm from the very Beginning,
Deep into the Soul of the Universe.
I wish I had clarity of memory,
But all that’s left is subtle feeling—
A knowing that something’s there
Quivering within the radiant air…
More reality than I can verify that’s here.
It seems like a dance that never stops,
Goes on and on into infinite space.
I marvel and wonder at the All.
And have this déjà vu
Know that I’ve been here before
And before and before.

When Wondering About Wonder

 WoodsToday a voice called out to me, coming from the woods,
Heard clearly through noise of the world, subtle yet irresistible,
Inviting me to walk more consciously, deliberately upon the path,
Gently wade in streams and bask in piercing rays of Sun….
To learn what trees and moss and birds might teach,
To fully live so when it comes that I shall die
I will know that I have lived.
How beautiful it is when God is found,
Not here or there but everywhere.
Within these glades I wonder
About my capacity for wonder,
Sit in awareness of myself—
Particles and elements drifting light years,
Forged in multitudes of far-flung stars,
Until these atoms arrived here– star dust forming my body.
What can I give back but gratitude?
What can I find of greater mystery?

There Are No Secrets Here

  No SecretsDeep inside the interior, where no one ever walks,
In quiet space where you are waiting—
Waiting in a place where no one finds you.
Inside the restless trees, standing there, pretending to be still….
I hear the noise that surrounds your silent fear,
Feel the trembling pulse, see moisture wet upon your face.
I also see the Sun, finding way through to core,
Touches every shadow hiding in your Soul.
Though you conceal yourself from view,
There are no secrets here.  Nothing is obscured.
Nothing prevents your being known but you.
Though you hide your secrets deep within,
Though many pass by and haven’t a clue—
They fail to hear soft sigh, shallow breath,
Miss the dampness present on your skin,
Unable to see sad expression within dark eyes.
You make it hard to reach you here.
But I am not blind to ways you turn away—
Ways you avoid seeing quiet beauty here.
Reach out to me— there is no need of fear.
Even in lonely silence, know that I am here.

Rivers of Love

Rivers of LoveNever do I walk far into any given day
But I come to place where river flows freely.
I remove shoes, stand barefoot on right bank of Mother Earth,
My Soul an oasis of love streaming outward—
Builds a delicate bridge extending,
Joins rivers of Love drenching Whole of the Earth.
Within every breath, there is water of Love,
Necessary for Life itself.
Are you not thirsty?
What cup is within your grasp?
What deep well do you seek when longing?
The distance is never far—
It is the absence that brings tears,
The fear of losing you, forever missing you.
Before loving you, I never knew
How deeply I could miss you.
My heart is fragile—only you can heal the wound.
Reach out your hand and touch me,
Allow your love to fill me, soak me—
Send forth your love to roots
So deep they join the two of us,
Bedrock of what is strong….
Until I know there are no borders.
Not even oceans keep us apart.


 connectionsSo many connections
Held together in empty space between words,
Leaves broadly soaking up sun
While limbs root themselves into Ground,
Entwine in thirst as threads of delicate tapestry, so very thin.
Where one is broken, another reaches out from Source,
Follows vine to stronger trunk, veins to heart,
Broken pieces supported by, becoming the balanced Whole.
At a distance, do you see the thousand rays of Sun
Streaming down to your face?
Can you sense how your smile reflects joy,
Carries depth of essence till it reaches me?
 Do you see me smiling back?

I stand here waiting with open arms, supporting you.
Limbs lengthen in every direction, root themselves as
Expression of the universe inside my open heart.
Touching the moment, we are no less sacred
Than wordless prayer in temple of our flesh.

To Fly, To Love, To Die in One Day

 honey_bee droneCome on, boys…  Lift up your heads and beat your wings!
Fly toward fresh air and flee from the hive.
Your only purpose, as far as we know,
Is to mate with HRH Queen on her mating flight.
Don’t miss your chance! For this you were made,
Nurtured and fed, suffer indignity prior to your death.
O Expendable Bee, I honor your genetic quest.
Acknowledge that so few will ever have sex.
Were I Queen Bee I’d give you a kiss,
Grow excited in tasting your honeyed breath,
Be promiscuous with love, offer pardon,
Share warmth within the buzzing hive before winter approaches,
Knowing too soon you’ll be expelled to freeze or starve or
Worse— stung by workers until you collapse.
All of us are stung by cruel love.  Teach us fast, Little Bee,
Even as you die, first how to fly.  Oh, Impossible Task—
To throw wings into high gear, to declare your love,
 And then to die all in one day.
I weep on hearing your droning destiny that waits,
No hope— for your male sex seals your fate.