There Are No Secrets Here

  No SecretsDeep inside the interior, where no one ever walks,
In quiet space where you are waiting—
Waiting in a place where no one finds you.
Inside the restless trees, standing there, pretending to be still….
I hear the noise that surrounds your silent fear,
Feel the trembling pulse, see moisture wet upon your face.
I also see the Sun, finding way through to core,
Touches every shadow hiding in your Soul.
Though you conceal yourself from view,
There are no secrets here.  Nothing is obscured.
Nothing prevents your being known but you.
Though you hide your secrets deep within,
Though many pass by and haven’t a clue—
They fail to hear soft sigh, shallow breath,
Miss the dampness present on your skin,
Unable to see sad expression within dark eyes.
You make it hard to reach you here.
But I am not blind to ways you turn away—
Ways you avoid seeing quiet beauty here.
Reach out to me— there is no need of fear.
Even in lonely silence, know that I am here.


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