When the Last Day Comes

Last DayAnd when that last day comes
Who will it be that stands alone
Looking out across the sea,
Knowing only what is past,
Yet knowing nothing of what is yet to be?
I only know whoever it is,
He will be alone as he contemplates past year.

Those who love best
Also know best how to pray.
And on that last day
Looking out alone in anticipation
Of rising of new sun that he may never see,
He will not move,
However much he longs to move.
He will stand and watch in silence
As his burning heart breaks open on that final day.


Not All That Comes Upon Us Comes Quietly

crashing wavesNot all that comes upon us
Comes quietly.
At times the most beautiful waves
Come crashing in,
Wash upon wild shore….
Whether seems for good or ill,
Still they come with uproar—
Catch us unprepared,
Startle us with wonder,
Evident beauty loud within our ears,
Rolling wind tossing through our hair,
Collapsing light absolute within the eyes.

Twists and Turns

Twists and Turns
With every day comes twists and turns,
Knots and tangled mass within the trunk.
Yet dare we call this Nature’s fault or error?
Mistakes are only other ways of growing,
Give rough eloquence to what is smooth—
Add rare beauty to the plain of wood.

Perch Upon Whatever Branch Is Found

Perch upon the branch
Perch upon whatever branch is found.
Take rest until seized within the mind
Comes urgent need to fly again.
Face the morning breeze with confidence.
Do not despair when branch of thistle
Trembles through the blowing winds.
With every trembling comes a quiet song.
Even stones within the flowing stream
Hold music for those who listen in the eye of calm.

Bear God Safely Through the Dark Land

Dark LandTake God with you.  Hold God lovingly.
Hug fresh Divinity gently by hands, ears and heart.
Bear Him through your dark shadowed land
Where many sleep through morning light,
Can only see what they saw the day before,
Close their eyes and see nothing more.

Bring your God down incarnate into your very Soul,
Through mountain fog or snow and storms,
By forest path where narrow road is steep,
But do not bear God clumsily as those do who are blind,
Who attempt to bring light to darkness
When they refuse, cannot believe what is so bright.
Let them walk in shadows of their own small despair.

Softly, take God close to heart,
Keep Him safe and warm, let God suck at your breast,
Feast of love and comfort’s grace—
Where virgin’s fire burns brightly in hearth and home,
Not in huts where hearts are cramped and small,
Where poverty of spirit is like poisoned meat on bone.

Keep God safe within your secret soul.
Do not allow abhorrent bungling hands to harm,
Nor dark noise of voices divide what is Whole.
Let no danger crush this vulnerable child of Heaven’s fragile Peace,
Terribly splendid in God’s newborn lack of power.
Keep Him away from those who harbor hate,
For sight of God will drive them mad and wild.
Sit instead in solitary place and pray ancient words
Known by generations who waited in darkness for God’s birth.

Be of good cheer, for as Divinity grows in strength,
God shall walk through Land of Morning.
Shimmering light of Magnificence shall flow from God’s eyes.
Those who touch His hem or hear His Healing Voice
Shall be astonished at miracle of God, seed of God germinating,
Planted, rooted safely within your secret Self.

Your God will grow beyond measure, both in darkness and brightness.
Divinity will know freedom in bondage; be Catholic in Diversity,
Grow strangely wise though He be very young.
Heavy as stone, God’s burden will be Light, enlightened laughter
Streaming straight from transparent eyes….
Coiled densely within Godself, beginning, ending, leaning straight,
Brooding over worlds, forgiving the proud of all their sin.

For now, hide all longing and lamenting of your heart.
Be strong in passion as you carry God away, safely,
Where those who sit in power cannot touch or harm.
Move slowly; live simply,
Allow an empty space for Love to thrive.
Cradle God, nurture and protect Him.
Keep God always close until He walks away on God’s own power.

Here My Soul Will Rest

Church on CliffHere upon edge of cliff
I will kneel and pray
Until all sin and shadow falls away—
Wait upon the Light to break forth upon verdant valley,
Paint every gentle slope abundant green.

Here my soul will rest,
Yet also travel through distant worlds,
Return at night to safety of the chapel keep,
Chanting, praying, dreaming deep
Until the dawn of day.