Rivers of Love

Rivers of LoveNever do I walk far into any given day
But I come to place where river flows freely.
I remove shoes, stand barefoot on right bank of Mother Earth,
My Soul an oasis of love streaming outward—
Builds a delicate bridge extending,
Joins rivers of Love drenching Whole of the Earth.
Within every breath, there is water of Love,
Necessary for Life itself.
Are you not thirsty?
What cup is within your grasp?
What deep well do you seek when longing?
The distance is never far—
It is the absence that brings tears,
The fear of losing you, forever missing you.
Before loving you, I never knew
How deeply I could miss you.
My heart is fragile—only you can heal the wound.
Reach out your hand and touch me,
Allow your love to fill me, soak me—
Send forth your love to roots
So deep they join the two of us,
Bedrock of what is strong….
Until I know there are no borders.
Not even oceans keep us apart.


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