connectionsSo many connections
Held together in empty space between words,
Leaves broadly soaking up sun
While limbs root themselves into Ground,
Entwine in thirst as threads of delicate tapestry, so very thin.
Where one is broken, another reaches out from Source,
Follows vine to stronger trunk, veins to heart,
Broken pieces supported by, becoming the balanced Whole.
At a distance, do you see the thousand rays of Sun
Streaming down to your face?
Can you sense how your smile reflects joy,
Carries depth of essence till it reaches me?
 Do you see me smiling back?

I stand here waiting with open arms, supporting you.
Limbs lengthen in every direction, root themselves as
Expression of the universe inside my open heart.
Touching the moment, we are no less sacred
Than wordless prayer in temple of our flesh.


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