I Will Follow Not Far Behind

road to nowhere

There are streams that run through hills

Yet never find the sea;

Just as snow that falls in winter’s cold

That may not melt for years and years.

Roads lead down to places

Where no one has ever gone…..

On and on it goes until it ends by caves

So deep the sun has never shone.

Does it make much difference

Where the stream begins

Or where the cave concludes in stone?

Perhaps the voyage is all that counts—

That we sleep under stars, hear the ocean waves,

Dream of pathways only seen at night.

Wander down whatever road that calls;

I will follow not far behind, until we meet by light of moon.


Gods Are In Charge of Holiness


Last night the frogs were croaking on the lake,

Warm August breeze blowing romance….

And the stars— my God the stars reached

Beyond their beauty, ever slow as they moved.

The gods are in charge of holiness, and this night

Perseid reigned, vaporized so high above

Only prayer could touch or comprehend.

I remind myself those falling stars

Now streaking overhead as wishes

Are but debris— dust and ice

Radiant as they burn and die.

They rain; they burn and shed their skin

As each of us must do one day,

Best seen at dawn—death comes

With early morning light when everyone

Is most alone with God.

Do you think they scream in pain?

Will you when your celestial

Passage comes some dark night?

Will someone be there, hold your hand,

Pull up a chair, eat snacks as you

Breath your last, in clear weather or foul

Sail forth, eyes open one last time

Until you are returned to merely dust, forever.