When Wondering About Wonder

 WoodsToday a voice called out to me, coming from the woods,
Heard clearly through noise of the world, subtle yet irresistible,
Inviting me to walk more consciously, deliberately upon the path,
Gently wade in streams and bask in piercing rays of Sun….
To learn what trees and moss and birds might teach,
To fully live so when it comes that I shall die
I will know that I have lived.
How beautiful it is when God is found,
Not here or there but everywhere.
Within these glades I wonder
About my capacity for wonder,
Sit in awareness of myself—
Particles and elements drifting light years,
Forged in multitudes of far-flung stars,
Until these atoms arrived here– star dust forming my body.
What can I give back but gratitude?
What can I find of greater mystery?


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