Jumping Out of Water Like Salmon

 Salmon Have you not watched, not heard
How salmon jump, fling themselves
From water’s deep into sky—
Expose their hearts to delight and danger?

Always I wonder within restless soul,
Forever attempting to leap from this world,
From this or that, now and then, inner and outer,
Joined to both water and air as I swim upstream.

I am both hidden and reveal.  I seek
Company of friends and yet am solitary,
Need quiet times and fuller joy of love,
Heart beating as it opens and then closes.

Even now, I prepare to fling myself again,
Vault into adventure, into wonder, mystery—
Knowing I give up safety of dark water,
Exchange the night for sunlight.

Pray for me, that jaws of bear
Do not catch my heart yet again,
Feast upon pink flesh….
But if it be my fate, let it be quick.


Even in Darkness, I Feel the Lingering

Willow in CemeteryHer eyes are closed to her own beauty,
Blind to carpet of green that covers the grave.
She cannot feel arms of weeping willow
Whose long sad tendrils sweep over the ground,
Slowly brush the earth, twist and turn in chill summer air.
At night when sleep evades, I wonder
What tenuous thoughts linger in her head.
Do some sluggish green gods watch over—
Are heaven’s hearts tuned sympathetically?
Hear my wordless prayers
As they pass outside my window….
Open ears until graciously receptive,
Never turn your backs,
Allow winds to clear falling leaves away.
Even in the dark, I feel the lingering
Human presence of those now gone,
Those whose bones are joined with soil.
They walk our empty streets at night;
Miraculously they whisper among themselves.
No wonder my toes itch when I remove
Shoes after walking alone in the dark.
Forgotten names roll by under the trick of dim lights,
Familiar shadows moving, willing to meet….
Darkness swoons with heavy vapors washing the air,
Distills the breath before it leaves lungs,
Resolves and concentrates all intent—
Only what endures illuminates the grief.

As Sleep Serenely Comes

Sleep Serenely Comes Tonight, in those moments when sleep
Silently and serenely appears,
When words are forgotten at close of prayer….
Tension leaves the body.
Hidden in dreamy darkness is vast spaciousness
Without boundaries, without edges.

Here in the wonder is both bright clarity,
Yet blurred within hovering fog
Sweeping across the lake on tender breeze—
Stars, moon and consciousness provide the only light,
Reflecting on water’s surface and drops of dew….
Body’s boat drifting, drifting, drifting into the calm,
Away from solidity of Earth
Entering deeper tranquility without intention or effort,
Final word of “Amen” upon my lips….

How Sad the Stench Among the Flowers

 Stench How sad the acid tears that fall
But are never seen,
That burn as fire deep within
Dark crevices of Earth,
Like seeds watered by poisoned greed.

How bad the stench among fragrant flowers,
Red roses mixed with blood,
Roots wrapped tight around rotting bones.
Still at night the music plays
As blind dancers hear discordant tune.

Why do the wealthy no longer wear white gloves?
Do they think their hatred of the poor
Cannot be seen by those who starve?
Walk out into the slime and silence late at night.
Hear the fracking Earth as it cries,
Black tears oozing endlessly,
Ghostly waters along ocean shore fading
Through smog of early morning light
As we watch Great Mother slowly being raped.

Many Stories; Many Skies

Many Stories
So many stories,
Each one lived out under a different sky,
Some stormy, some fair and serene.
Today, here it was sunshine,
Before clouds moved in and rain,
Small microburst downed a large limb.

There was no rainbow when sun appeared again.
But as I walked through silent fields,
Into a forest where every leaf was green,
Walked by lush flowers in gardens,
Watched butterfly flutter and bee buzz….
One might think no frost had ever come.

Ah, my love, come quickly to my home
Before the fading of summer turns to fall.
Soon winter will arrive.
Perhaps by then our hearts will be entwined,
Find such Spring where cold cannot come inside.
Together we will turn new page,
Write new story in our books,
Sitting side by side upon the shelf.

Awake, Dear Heart, Awake!

Awake, Dear HeartAwake, Dear Heart, awake—
Come and spend the day with me.
We’ll pop the cork on bottle of champagne,
Toast to hours of inspiration.
No work today, let’s play hookey,
Swim the hours away….
Burn while day is shining bright.
We’ll make something out of nothing
As we walk among the trees of Earth,
Estimate time when heaven will need
Express itself in rainbow,
Communicate in wordless color
Glimmering promise of glorious grace.

There will be no starving for attention,
Only hating pretension, convention.
We’ll rent bikes and ride to farmer’s orchard,
Pick apples and peaches, taste ripe summer
As sweet juice drips down our cheeks,
Mixed with tears of laughter, free as mountain winds….
Kisses to honor the naked beginning of
Fruit of day together, allowing for no absolute
As night descends toward happy ending.
Come, Dear Heart, and spend the day with me!