Where I Spend My Friday Afternoons

 FridayHere is where I spend my Friday afternoons.
I sit out on the porch to better breathe the mountain air.
Of course I sometimes wear a heavy sweater when
Clouds drop by to visit and air turns chilly,
As when unwelcome relatives come by unexpectedly.
I stretch my legs; I visit nearby brook and drink from flowing water
Melting from glacier ten thousand years old, waiting frozen
Until released as I approach, awakened back to flowing form.
Never do I drink without a thank you, a prayer of warm gratitude
For peaceful solitude, for Spirit dog, for subtle taste of water.
As much as anywhere, here my thirst is quenched.
I know the names of trees— we are old friends by now.
Come spring I fertilize their roots, come fall they offer me their leaves.
Ancestral mountains speak more slowly, in forgotten tongue.
They hunched their backs so long ago, I no longer ask.
Within this mountain glade, there is no room for warring thought.
I offer you this peace and all the peace within my soul.
It now spills out upon the page and flows into your heart.
Whatever frozen obstacles you’ve saved a hundred years
Now unloose and start to melt, under moment’s healing touch.
This is how peace happens, spreads from house to house—
From open heart to open heart, welcoming your health.
Come sit beside in empty chair I’ve placed here just for you.
Together on this afternoon, we’ll share the solitude….
Look forward to a glass of wine as shadows mark the hour.


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