To Fly, To Love, To Die in One Day

 honey_bee droneCome on, boys…  Lift up your heads and beat your wings!
Fly toward fresh air and flee from the hive.
Your only purpose, as far as we know,
Is to mate with HRH Queen on her mating flight.
Don’t miss your chance! For this you were made,
Nurtured and fed, suffer indignity prior to your death.
O Expendable Bee, I honor your genetic quest.
Acknowledge that so few will ever have sex.
Were I Queen Bee I’d give you a kiss,
Grow excited in tasting your honeyed breath,
Be promiscuous with love, offer pardon,
Share warmth within the buzzing hive before winter approaches,
Knowing too soon you’ll be expelled to freeze or starve or
Worse— stung by workers until you collapse.
All of us are stung by cruel love.  Teach us fast, Little Bee,
Even as you die, first how to fly.  Oh, Impossible Task—
To throw wings into high gear, to declare your love,
 And then to die all in one day.
I weep on hearing your droning destiny that waits,
No hope— for your male sex seals your fate.


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