Within the Cave, I Finally Find the Light

Within the CaveToday the Sun is brightly shining,
Enough to see willow by the lake,
Hair tossed in breeze on warm spring day—
Buds emerging red with hint of green as it starts to weep,
Creating deepening shade
As eye begins to see swirling dark inside its trunk.
Suddenly white swan soars across the water,
Startling blue heron into flight.
Is the world simply filled with coincidence?
Or is the afternoon on fire, storm within broad day,
Calm, as I stand upon edge of beauty….
Where does the story begin or end?
My soul, like some buzzing bee trapped inside the house,
Taps upon windowpane, again and again it thrusts itself,
Seeks freedom of the breeze, heat rising from desire,
Despair at the wailing wall, a resisting force I cannot see.
Better to be torn apart by love,
Lost on stony mountain path, exhausted,
But blazing in the narrow hopeless night.
Barely can I see, discern pattern within surface of events,
Clear awkward noise echoing to stillness within the quiet evening…
Clear away all memories and dreams,
Clear away clouds blocking clarity of mind,
Clear from soul the fear that leads to pain.
Suddenly I know perception of the world has changed,
Perhaps a subtle shift, but enough for new creation
Sweeping me into surrender of Presence in virginity of Now,
Surfing and then swimming into Aliveness.
The journey has been far to find
What has always been inside.
Here, within the cave, I finally find the Light.


One thought on “Within the Cave, I Finally Find the Light

  1. Harmony…………….Music……….Nature………beauty……..Softness………..and above love and repect for one another&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&===============+++++++++

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