Jumping Out of Water Like Salmon

 Salmon Have you not watched, not heard
How salmon jump, fling themselves
From water’s deep into sky—
Expose their hearts to delight and danger?

Always I wonder within restless soul,
Forever attempting to leap from this world,
From this or that, now and then, inner and outer,
Joined to both water and air as I swim upstream.

I am both hidden and reveal.  I seek
Company of friends and yet am solitary,
Need quiet times and fuller joy of love,
Heart beating as it opens and then closes.

Even now, I prepare to fling myself again,
Vault into adventure, into wonder, mystery—
Knowing I give up safety of dark water,
Exchange the night for sunlight.

Pray for me, that jaws of bear
Do not catch my heart yet again,
Feast upon pink flesh….
But if it be my fate, let it be quick.

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