Awake, Dear Heart, Awake!

Awake, Dear HeartAwake, Dear Heart, awake—
Come and spend the day with me.
We’ll pop the cork on bottle of champagne,
Toast to hours of inspiration.
No work today, let’s play hookey,
Swim the hours away….
Burn while day is shining bright.
We’ll make something out of nothing
As we walk among the trees of Earth,
Estimate time when heaven will need
Express itself in rainbow,
Communicate in wordless color
Glimmering promise of glorious grace.

There will be no starving for attention,
Only hating pretension, convention.
We’ll rent bikes and ride to farmer’s orchard,
Pick apples and peaches, taste ripe summer
As sweet juice drips down our cheeks,
Mixed with tears of laughter, free as mountain winds….
Kisses to honor the naked beginning of
Fruit of day together, allowing for no absolute
As night descends toward happy ending.
Come, Dear Heart, and spend the day with me!


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