Many Stories; Many Skies

Many Stories
So many stories,
Each one lived out under a different sky,
Some stormy, some fair and serene.
Today, here it was sunshine,
Before clouds moved in and rain,
Small microburst downed a large limb.

There was no rainbow when sun appeared again.
But as I walked through silent fields,
Into a forest where every leaf was green,
Walked by lush flowers in gardens,
Watched butterfly flutter and bee buzz….
One might think no frost had ever come.

Ah, my love, come quickly to my home
Before the fading of summer turns to fall.
Soon winter will arrive.
Perhaps by then our hearts will be entwined,
Find such Spring where cold cannot come inside.
Together we will turn new page,
Write new story in our books,
Sitting side by side upon the shelf.


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