So Much Has Passed

Much Has Passed

In Memory of David W.

Tonight, I thought of you sitting at table,
Eating from these same plates,
Remember your hands that held this glass.
No longer are you here. So much has passed.

Music playing was your favorite music,
Now more than simple music to my ears.
It brings tears to eyes, vibrates, imparts
Not only to ears but touches longing heart.

I smell the apple pie you often made
Each time I taste orchid’s fruity sweetness
Mixed with honey of your eyes.
Sad we never said goodbye.

So many times you moved my heart,
Touched my life in ways I never knew,
Now remembered daily…. Your face that cast
Laughing smile, alive in memory and does not pass.


2 thoughts on “So Much Has Passed

  1. Thanks, Barb. They now encourage people to name a “Legacy” person to be responsible for your FB page in case of death. I guess it can remain active indefinitely at that point.

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