Glistening in the Dark

GlisteningStrength is needed to endure,

To stare into the overbearing darkness.

I do not speak of the flaming sunset,

Nor the glory of morning full of hope.

I refer to the long cold of winter gloom

When presidents and potentates strive forth,

Chaos rules and truth cannot be told.


Most among us get depressed,

Cannot face the loss of light,

Eyes closed to even the North Star

That orients world of wonder

From thickness of the dark,

Foretelling of sickness and doom.


Stand solitary, give attention

To all the various signs and visions….

Focus eyes upon whatever sparks may gather.

They are barely visible, these glistenings.

Consult both fools and wise ones,

Those who hunt alone in the High Country.


Learn to lean into the wind that blows

Across oceans toward hidden leeward shore.

Study the emptiness of deep space,

Breath deeply of the cold air, stay awake—

Do not allow your eyes to close or dilate

Lest you miss the omen of the single star that glows.


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