Fierce Beauty

Fierce BeautyWalking a black lab at night is a wonder
When snow is two feet deep,
More so when sallow Moon
Slowly begins to turn bright silver,
And all the world is hushed.

High above drift shadows of clouds,
Lake half frozen as it holds
Its covey of swimming ducks,
Shoulders of hills watching over
Fierce beauty that blankets Earth.

Lights from cars miles away,
Like halos of saints or angel wings fluttering,
Cast haze upon the naked trees.
But it is late March, snow upon fallen logs
Only visiting, like frogs will do come June.

The air is cold, but not frigid,
More like gnarled hands of an old woman,
Sitting alone in winter’s chill, remembering
Her wedding dress, forever white—
Still shining in the fading light.

3 thoughts on “Fierce Beauty

  1. Really good…until the last 2 lines…gratuitous sort of things and out of context! I hope you know I say this with kindness…and maybe you could reconsider them? even if you keep the first of the two lines, the other is awful! (IMHO)!!!

  2. I always appreciate your honesty. But I rather like the last lines of the poem. The atmosphere I tried to establish was a bit mournful without being overly maudlin.

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