Few Are the Days I Do Not Weep

few-are-the-daysOh my child…. My daughter.…
Few are the days I do not weep for you.
I see such ache of love and loneliness that fills your heart—
Each day, each day it seems to grow, then passes away.
But this is life, the sum and depth of it as all alive must face.
Walking along empty streets, you hesitate and look,
Falter when your mind is focused on anger or despair.
I see it in your eyes. I see the whole of your soul in you.

Each afternoon I see the appointed hour of desolation,
Watch as it sinks its claws into tender flesh—
I see and yet am helpless to protect you.
You do not wish to return home, even if you could.
The world lies at your feet and to return to the past
Would be to exile too many treasured dreams.
In truth, I know you’ve found the Earth too wide,
Too deep, too filled with glory for your free life to bear.

You know I, too, have stumbled on unfriendly streets,
Grown mad with furious and wild desires—
Earth seems too small to satisfy all we long for.
We who have been crazed by hunger and known
Waning of gathering days, we walk the streets,
Hallways, pathways seeking for greater love
Than small and confining loves we’ve lost.
This, too, is life, where each must seek the depths.

So many forgotten faces. So heavy the waste of time…
Yet still we stand on cloudless nights to gaze
Upon bright stars, seeking a cinder more kind than Earth.
We do not belong here and never have and cannot return
Through closed doors or greater knowledge.
No tears, no prayers, no god will grant our foolish wishes.
If there be God, let us hope for a larger God
Than would merely end our dazed and clouded vision.

Each of us alone must contend with thorns of spring.
Adder and asp will always be the same—
We cannot hope to escape our human nature.
But even if alone, play your music every night;
Look within your heart, not for comfort, but Silence.
Only then can you swim from shallows into the Deep,
Only then can you begin to make this world
The finest place to be.


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