As Healing Darkness Descends….

healing-darknessAs Sun began to set behind the hills,
I walked through rain to the cabin,
Almost hidden, alone within woods.
Slowly, darkness descended upon the Earth.

Sitting before the fire, I sensed original myth,
Enormous, carrying upon its shoulders an entire
World of meaning, echoing with a whisper
Where no words could give shape or definition,
Only virgin secrecy of silence as the rain fell.

All words poured down into the ground,
Without judgment, drenching thick layers of fallen leaves
Laying upon sodden ground, covering the dead,
Soaking the little valley, washing away
Whatever sins and memories had been cherished.

Absolutely alone at last, I sensed an innocence emerge,
Perfect in its wholeness, needing nothing….
Like the storm, no one predicted it, no one started it,
No one will raise a hand to stop it.

It will last as long as it wants—
This rain upon dry bones. I can only surrender,
Watch and listen as long as it lasts,
Sit quietly before fading coals— washed clean,
Finally liberated even from the need to pray.

Only then was something new awakened,
Light pouring forth from darkness,
New Heaven and New Earth cleansed,
Infinitely fragile and powerful,
Once again, something beautiful that does not sleep.


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