What Only Soul Can Sense

What Only Soul Can Sense

The eye of the poet is always open,
Even during sleep….
Searching deeper for images and words
To match what only soul can sense,
Looking, not with but through the eye
For hidden spark within the dark.

Bend your knee under great Sequoia
In silent, wordless prayer….
Watch in wonder beside Old Faithful Geyser;
Stand in awe at sunset on rim of Grand Canyon,
Walk along sandy shores of oceans—
You find yourself within great cathedral.

Walk alone into sanctuary of wilderness—
Camp under Milky Way and see above the wider web,
Billions of stars that set boundaries of our galaxy,
Each star a light to germinate imagination….
Who can measure depth of blessing,
Wide as any hope we know?

As long as I live, I will interpret weathered stone,
Get as close to the world as I can,
Rest beside old river’s bank,
Climb mountains whose immortal age
Can only be an estimate by height,
Shifting, always shifting in my mind.

Once we’ve seen deep into Reality,
We lift the veil that blinds us to beauty,
See rainbows in another’s cloud….
Can you feel burdens of an ordinary day
Fall as lightly as raindrops upon naked skin?
If so, you’ve tasted quickening yeast of poetry.


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