My Private Cave; My Secret Cove

Private CaveToday I pause and feel compelled
To clear my lungs of every worry—
When eyes are closed and darkness
Surrounds my very being….
Why am I not lonely, though the world
Begins to fade away a thousand miles an hour?
No lights from cities reach my inner self.

In the stillness, I am at peace.
No other love than the Great Love,
Thin blue spot deep from my interior
Rises out of silence to secure.
Here I am completely defenseless.
No hope. No fear. No shadows
Cast by others from shallow smiles.

Is this my private cave? My secret cove?
My cul-de-sac well hidden from main roads?
Perhaps this is an intimation of death,
A falling away into soft brown Earth,
Contending with no yesterday or tomorrow,
No wish for more, yet satisfied at last.
Finally, I am at peace with myself.


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