If You Live Upon a Slant


I had no choice in where the seed would fall,

Only that tension of the future was unbearable.

So I had to break through stone’s narrow cracks,

Force roots deep in indirect directions.

I wanted to grow straight, cast off the burden…

But how does one escape the inescapable?


Running away was not an option.

No one came to help or transplant so I could

Find rich soil and sunlight, uproot me to

Give a straighter way to grow— easy salvation.

Do you also look for help from outside—

Wait for Prince Charming to arrive?


So this is what I have to offer—

No other way is like your own….  Learn to grow

Where your roots are found within your heart

What comes lies within your essence.

Be thankful, even if you live upon the slant.

Fulfill the destiny that is yours to live.


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