Missing David

Tonight I sit alone and wait in silence,
Aware of an empty space within my heart—
Sadness since I heard the news of the death
Of my oldest and dearest friend.

Standing on the shore with no one in sight,
Quietly the loss expands,
Makes itself more fully known.
Later, I’ll write these lines in a dark room.
In clear light I wonder
If ever again the world will seem
As bright as it’s been before.

Thoughts bounce within my mind—
Who will now plant flowers beside his house,
Grow tomatoes, sweet corn,
Green beans and potatoes as he did each spring?
Without his living presence,
There will forever be a place
Where I miss him and feel deep pain….
Never had I once considered he’d die so young.

Somewhere there’s a scarlet fire
That never fades away,
Though it flickers with every loss,
Still I pray its light
Will one day defeat the dark.

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