When the World Pierces With Its Beauty

Pierces With Beauty

Creation of the universe is done,
Yet still the process unfolds—
New shapes, colors, endless realms of beauty.
Broken, I sit and weep
When gates of the world open,
Reveal what I have never seen.

If there be soul, it now overflows—
Heart expands as though in one moment
I glimpse the faceless face of God.
Light dazzles, though I am too blind
To see naked Sun itself. Only in reflection
Perfection speaks in abject self-surrender.

Something else besides what I see
Appears invisibly to touch me deeply—
An essence breathes that elevates me to praise.
In this moment, I finally feel reward of prayer,
Gate of grace now becomes one bridge—
Melts away time and space to Radiance undone.


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