From Angel Wings and Prayers

Angel Wings and Prayers

Last night my dreams were lonely,
Went hunting after yours.
They wandered into dark heads
Searching for your curly thoughts.
Suddenly they saw you dreaming,
Sleeping within vast rooms of night.

Dreams swam across night of stillness,
Circled Earth until they reached you—
Found within your eyes your love for me.
Now our dreams have touched,
They dance together unremembered,
Yet still they kindle music in our hearts.

Were we suspended by filaments
From angel wings and prayers,
We’d open arms as wide as love,
Hands reached around round Earth,
Float softly down from clouds,
Bring to Earth a waking light.

3 thoughts on “From Angel Wings and Prayers

  1. Romance during this serious season!? You are getting quite facile with these. I just learned yesterday, that I had three pieces that will be published. I’m happy about that, and guess I will buy the book.

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