Swim to Me Out of the Morning Mist

Mamanasko Lake

There are mornings when I wake
Wondering where God is hiding….
Some say the written Word
Is the second Bible to be read—
First Bible was the Act of Creation,
That God of a Thousand Names is found
Throughout the world wherever we may look.

And so each day, I gaze into the mist—
Searching for face of the Invisible,
Not to be found in solemn concepts
But crying out to be uncovered in forgotten dreams,
Sublimely present, here in beginning center,
On ending margins where glory lives,
In tears or laughter of every child.

Do not allow me to hide, O Spirit.
Swim to me out of the morning mist.
Soften my heart that I may perceive.
Uncloud my eyes that I might see.
Follow me in every hour.
Walk as close as my shadow
Though I turn my back to the Sun.

Come as Strength in times of lonely terror,
When I am blind and numb.
All the world seems dark mystery.
In stillness, help me hear the silent voice of God,
Find you within the eyes of every person,
Discover you in mountain, river, tree.
Guide me in my search for Thee.


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