Necessary Longing

For V.S.N.

First there is necessary longing,
Where you see the whole world aflame,
And your heart cannot say no—
You know it is futile to resist, and so you join.

For me, there is first the longing that pulls,
Followed by desire to unite….
Do not stand in the way and it will deepen,
And then realization that this is healing.

Some call this surrender.
But I’m making it sound like it happens quickly.
For most, it is a slow walk toward trust,
Gradual letting go— unlearning.

Your arms reach outstretched
As do branches of trees toward heaven….
Maybe something is dissolved— or resolved.
Then an unexpected inner power flows again—
One word for this is transformation.

Hardest part for me is staying out of the way,
Allowing love to open reluctant heart.
When was the last time you permitted yourself
To be fully loved and embraced?
Maybe you’ve been content with less for far too long.


2 thoughts on “Necessary Longing

  1. God Bless you Rev Turpin
    Your inner words of inspiration give me peace.Fred Kiesel suffered a stroke and Babbette& Fred
    are stay at the 47 truesdale house just for a short while. she would love to hear from you 9147630233 warm thoughts marigrace

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