Sense of Humor Always Helps

horse with hat
There’s always humor out here.
Like those clouds up there….
Do you see the one looks like a rabbit?

I love it when you can ride all day,
Not see people.
Just you and me and the horses.

Sometimes when I’m here all by myself
I end up talkin’ to this damn ole’ nag.
She’s a good girl though— ain’t never said a word back.

Saddle up. We’ll head around those hills
Before we stop and build a fire.
Maybe we’ll pull a fish or two outta the river.

Here we are just as free as we will ever be—
All the laws of Earth suspended,
Loving even that which eludes us.

In half-light that soon will come,
When Sun goes down behind the mountain,
Even more will the world seem haunted.


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