Headin’ out for a ride

Mustang Luke deep in Yellowstone’s Backcountry
Today, just want to saddle my horse,
Ride out into backcountry,
Just me and my mare— alone.

Ain’t gonna be packing no cares on the trip,
Just some coffee to boil in old pot,
Some beans to eat right out of the can.

Sure won’t be needin’ a cellphone.
I’m gonna ride out to a special place
Where mountains are high and grass is green.

Don’t even ask how long I’ll be gone,
Cause that depends on how fast
I’ll be eatin’ them cans of beans.

Maybe I’ll catch me some fish from the river,
Cook ‘em over the fire at night.
Be sleepin’ under all them stars.

If I’m not back in a month or so,
Maybe a bear has got me.
Then again maybe I’ll decide to move on.

Oh, hell. Maybe you want to come along?
You been lookin’ a mite sad lately—
Little ride might do ya good.

But don’t tell them friends you got.
This ain’t gonna be no posse.
Just you and me getting’ away for a spell.


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