Walking in Early Light

While walking in early morning light,
Often is found dew and tender mist
Lingering from coolness of night.
I smell the fallen leaves of autumn—
Hanging in the air pungent wood smoke
From neighbor’s morning fire.

Suddenly, I’m taken back to childhood,
When the world was filled with hope.
Now I walk alone along a forest path
Where only trees stretch out their arms
As a mother does who loves her child.

Time passes slowly,
Perhaps as time is meant to pass,
As once it did in summers long ago—
Within these quiet woods the hour is undivided,
Day as seamless as the road.

I pause to take deep breath—
Offer silent prayer….
My young heart comes alive again,
Tender as a flower— it opens,
Offering its fragrance to the breeze.

Here in this early morning light,
Finally I find the right place,
Both known and unknown,
Actual and vision, seen and invisible,
Interior landscape matching expanse eternal—
Captured, compelled by miraculous yet quiet beauty.


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