When Love Shines Brighter Than Any Dream

"Headwinds" ---Fred Turpin's Poetry Blog

There are times I rise from sleep,
Take the mantle of waking thought
Heavy as known weight of toil of day,
The wandering course of divided path
Which splits the power of pain and pleasure—
Unequal portions, each breathing
With deep joy known
Through touch of loving hand.

What lives within this love outshines
All dreams of future days, all memories of the past,
Carries life into one full hour,
Populates my thoughts with wider paths,
Green and gold and mild, a weave of living landscape
Fixed not in fantasy but in the flesh of
One fine day, two lives— today.

Outstretched heart has outgrown younger years,
Pledged in course of easy breath…
The beating pulse, the tender face
Colored by a shining light.
Though time has deeper answers
Than one can know, still I look afar,
Write words of hope and love that soar—
Serenely trace the promise of

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