Glimpsing into Soul

Glimpse into Soul

This morning I had strange inner sense

I was glimpsing interior of my soul.

No hard corners, more like walking along the beach

Though water may be warm or cold.


Weather seems like a day in May,

Sunny, hopeful, clear with banks of moving clouds….

Fragrance of rose petals with hint of sage.

Lavender— yes, there was wisp of lavender as well.


Space inside seems empty,

Yet a sense there had been dancing

With constant moving. Stillness, yet music here,

Now and before awareness came.


There is abundant solitude,

Overflowing without any sense of loneliness.

Bright colors of yellow, pink, gold —

Violet with hints of higher blue.


From outside, my soulspace did not seem large—

When inside was amazingly spacious.

Impossible to assign any sign of age, but young….

More lively than what I’ve ever known as real.


These things I know about my soul

Because of dreams and second sight,

Hearing within the world two melodies or more,

One deeper, more faint, yet always there.


Thin places deep within the human heart

When full of love yet point to greater love itself.

The vision may be clear or dim, the telling soft,

Yet in this is found entire world worth our mortal time,

Where nothing is ours to grasp, until we grasp it all.


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