When Holiness is Visible

2010 Fall Lake
Today the beauty of the lake
Reached out, called me, touched my soul—
Made me want to walk
Down to the dock and dive
Into cold October water.

I’ve taken years to finally learn
To listen and respect such calling.
Though sometimes I sit in silence,
I’ve never heard God speak in words.
But I know God calls through beauty.

Have you not walked at night
When alone and lonely in the moonlight?
Have you felt the wind comb your hair?
More than once, I’ve surrender to the rain
Pounding on the roof, until I walked outside
To be baptized yet again.

I know the world is sacred—
Have felt its windy breath against my face.
Gaze into burning bonfire at night,
Open heart to wonder as old Moses did—
Take off your shoes and do not miss the whisper.

This afternoon, I slowly walked to the dock,
Knelt upon rough wood,
Reached down into clear water,
Prayed for Beauty to hold me,
No need for answers or explanations.

Looking up into bright blue sky,
I saw white clouds I had never seen before,
Moving gracefully over trees, streams, mountain—
Suddenly a holiness became visible,
Whether before or within my eyes matters not at all.


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