Soul On Fire

Soul on Fire

Soul On Fire

When the soul is on fire,

So much freedom in the flames.

Free to release what’s hidden down inside…

Do you feel like dancing in the heat?

Do you babble, like the brook down the road?

Do you beg? Do you pray? Do you cry?

It may be true, that I write only to me.

Yet you are here in my mind,

Whether or not I know your name.

Come sit beside me and say hello. It’s been too long.

Let’s share as we’ve never shared before.

How long since you’ve been free to be you?

Are we strangers? Of course—

Usually, I’m a stranger to myself!

No wonder we share tension of loneliness.

At night, I hear the wind whisper:

“Read Me! Hear my voice and listen!”

And I know that Love has come to rescue me.

Within the flames of Love, I am born again.

Born in freedom to find what’s deep inside.

Why else, after all, would I write poetry?


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