Become the Darkness

Become Darkness
The sun has set for the day.
Here within my core, I sit in darkness
Wondering if the dark is dark enough
For eyes to adjust to world of shadow.
Deep within, under weight of body,
Poetry comes, emerges from what is lost.

Where is the moon tonight?
Where are the stars that seem to hide
Behind a sky of clouds that blocks all light?
Or are the clouds a form of angels’ wings
Protecting me from blinding glare
Where world is too close, too bright?

Is darkness painful for you?
Or do you seek shadows to heal?
Do you miss the silence that sits alone
Inside dark remnants of broken bones?
All fear is merely the prehistoric
Finally emerging from hiding.

Fear works its way up through wet leaves—
Forgive the metaphor where real danger resides,
Have I lost you, drifting from one image to another?
Subtract the retracting and move
Toward a place to sit in spacious darkness.
Become the darkness that waits, pulsing.

We know the Universe is driven toward expansion
By darkness more than galaxies of stars.
Waves of light are shattered
Against unknown complexities of dark.
Perhaps it is enough to trust the night,
All that pretends to obscure what is dull but real.


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