Pulled Awake— Out of an Ordinary State

Pulled AwakeIt was bitterly cold and the wind
At times quiet and then strong.
Above shone the Milky Way—
Silence touched by radiant fathomless darkness.
Extravagant beauty I’d never noticed before.

I was exhausted. So exhausted
I was defenseless against
Overwhelming elation—
Swimming within the body’s core, churning,
Pouring down from the surrounding vastness.

Standing on the rim of the canyon
As the sky began to turn pink,
Perhaps an hour before
Sun’s yellow eye poured across the Earth,
Unblinking in Creation’s sacred space.

If God exists— and I believe She does,
Then my life was changed that morning,
Pulling me awake, out of an ordinary state.
Perhaps I was devoured alive.
Or was it fate that brought me to that place?

Almost forty years ago on the lip of the canyon,
I had an aweful experience that even now
Flows through memory, exploding into consciousness
Each time this memory comes, like fireworks—
Like a river overflowing, that changes the landscape forever.


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