In Brilliant Fall, I Walk the Streets

Brilliant FallIn brilliant fall, I walk the streets,
Shuffling yellow and orange leaves
Upon the ground and under feet.
Here I find upon this Earth
Breath of Christ still giving birth.

Against resilient wind, inception pours….
No less concerned with death than life.
He dwells in beauty of the brilliant air,
Haunts each night as Moon that stares
Inside each soul in search of truth.

Within he stabs or softly whispers,
Confounds the mind with unwearied caring—
Stands up and speaks— no words,
No secrets held in hesitation,
Reveals what it is to be eternal God…..

He sings and I hear though I am deaf.
He moves, I watch though I am blind.
He weeps and there I find myself most touched,
Embraced, forgiven in clear, new light,
Pushed or pulled and strangely blessed.


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