Are You Close or Far, Far Away?

Are You Close or Far Away?
I’ve never mentioned your name to friends—
I’ve never said I love you but it’s not because I hate you.
It’s just that it takes time to get used to you,
To be honest, already you’re there inside my dreams.

Surely you know if you were here
There’d be no empty space between…..
I suppose I started to think about you
When I was maybe about fourteen.

But then for years you faded from sight.
Perhaps I tried to cross you out,
Like a line of writing I wanted to erase
Completely, lost as I was in the dark.

Though for years I’d forgotten you,
Somehow you finally found me again.
Do you think I owe you an apology?
I can’t decide when I’m all mixed up.

How can you be so close
Yet still be so far, far away from me?
Will we ever be able to watch
Sunrise and sunset at the same time?

It’s hard to go to sleep without you…..
Please explain how someone so far away
Can both touch my heart yet cause me pain?
Please God, just tell me what you’re trying to do.


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