Before Morning Comes

Before Morning Comes

Living alone, there’s not much to keep me awake,

Sleeping with only moonlight

Shining on my grandmother’s antique quilt.

I hear Spirit dog’s quiet breathing,

Unless she has disturbing dreams.

True, there are occasions when sounds of distant train

Whistles through windows facing east,

Or house creaks against the wind,

Branches fall upon the roof in storms….

Disrupt my peaceful sleep.

There are times I leave my bed

Cold moonlight still dominant

As it rests quivering over hills beyond the lake.

Do you love your life, even when

Restless spirits visit in the night?

Can you sense a space withdrawing….

Opening, watching through the night

Perhaps four feet above your sleep?

Voices whisper, singing of the evening—

Hymns of love transforming fear to deeper peace.

Sometimes I wake crying as a child,

Uneasy with desire, reaching out to touch,

Wanting every question answered

As though the sky at night could hold

Such bright affirmations before the morning comes.


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