Call It a Miracle or Call It the World

Call It a MiracleYou do not have to leave your room.
It makes no difference if you get up from bed
Or write at your desk or eat at your table.

It matters not if you wait or silently listen.
If you wish, do not listen—I don’t care if you go for a walk,
Whether bare feet on the beach or city or park.

Lavishly, the world offers itself to you,
Touches your heart in ways both gentle and deep,
Impales itself hidden in thoughts and low vision.

It may roil in waves in your dreams at late night—
Lick your feet in cool rapture or heat;
Cradle your head in daylight or far out of sight….

Sooner or later in body and soul
Divinity at One with the world
Reveals pure Light, unmasked and whole.

Your glimmering of light, no matter how blurred
Will blaze into fire— it has no other choice,
Sooner or later sweeps everything up.

Call it a miracle or call it the world,
Steep slide begins in clean empty air,
Vanquishes darkness with whisper of Light.


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