Empty of Words, Silent and Mute

Empty of Words

I slept for years in the house that caught fire
Early one morning, down below stairs,
Smoke drifting into every room,
Pungent, acrid in lungs as we woke.
Afterward, they said the cause
Was a short in electrical wiring,
But it took months to find my way
Back into sleep in my bed.

Even now, I still sleep in a cloud—
Witnesses watch from my dreams
As naked, I run down the halls,
Wander outside where wind
Blows hard through my thoughts.
Here there is no greater knowledge.
Here there is no greater love.

High above, full Moon seems an ember
Burning its way through the clouds.
Under one roof of the stars,
Everything seems simple—
Even longing is displaced, lost
Within wonder of night.

Somewhere out in the woods
I hear murmur of voices,
My fingers clutching old family Bible,
Black cracked leather spine
Groans, aches from so many years—
Long obligations of love,
Too many chapters blank,
Empty of words, silent and mute.

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