I Cannot Find the Words to Pray


O God, at times I do not know how to pray—

Only thankful that as I sleep I dream…

Not one dream but many, beyond reach of memory,

Always flowing uncontrolled as a stream

Winding down to the lake, meandering,

Splashing unbridled over stones,

Sparkling in sunlight of a brilliant afternoon.


Have mercy upon me as I stand here

Naked before your divine Presence.

I sense no judgment in your clear eyes.

You are as a lover who sees my wholeness—

Blemishes, warts and wrinkled flesh,

Tears of sorrow from years of pain….

Heart with wounds of disappointment

In myself and all the world

For immense and tragic waste of Love.


Forgive what I cannot forgive.

Love completely where my love fails.

Receive with tender mercy

All who, like me, cannot find words

Even to pray in trust or speak your Name.

Bless this world with soft touch of grace,

That we might know you are with us

Though journey be long and dark.


Do not demand great changes of us

But perfectly accept our imperfections,

Knowing as you do our every thought.

Teach us how to fall in Love—

Use us to allow that Love to flow to the world

Just as you shower us with your Blessing

Every morning, and at noon and each night.


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