On Hearing Sound of Starlight

StarlightNight after night when sky is clear
I sit within the dark and contemplate the stars—
Wonder at the speed their light
Reaches out a thousand years to find me
Receptive and alone.

Once, but only once so many years ago,
I heard starlight’s extraordinary sound—
Both singular and in glorious chords.
Galaxies whispered as they touched my face…
Delicate vibration, tender and yet strong.

Was I wrong to sense compassion
Woven tightly into song?
Music seemed to travel without loss—
Economy of grief as stars give themselves away before they die.
There were no words, no conversation.

Wide hemisphere of stars often shines above my head,
Sometimes I pause to listen—
Hopeful silence in my head.
Yet only once did I hear soft sound that starlight makes.
Content, I live my days— for once was perhaps enough.

Was I mad that night so many years ago?
Was there ethereal song close within the air?
Some nights I sit in quiet contemplation,
Grateful for the Mystery that I heard—-
Remembered and left within my care.

Dear reader—have you heard this starlight sound?
If so, reach out for now I seem alone.
And if not, think not it comes by act of will or concentration.
Desire will not allow nor great intellect permit
Awareness of such delicate sound, this Voice of Starlight.

Yet I sense it is there within the air– surrounds us—
Constant pulse in day and night, feeble yet alert.,
Strangely eerie and yet mellow in its reach.
On clear warm night, stand alone and listen—
Subtract all noise and let starlight just once be heard.


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