My Heart is Warmer Now

Warm HeartMore than 25 clots have left my legs
Travelled through chambers of my heart
Now find a home in lungs.
I should be dead—
Or so the doctor said.
But doctors have not last word….

I merely live each day breathing
In arteries of the air I cannot see,
Still very much alive in cold world
With heart more warm
For brush with darkness that I’ve seen.
Each day more lessons learned on curving road….

Simone Weil thought affliction a gift—
World becomes more abundant
In severest light. And I agree….
I’ve learned you cannot walk toward heaven—
Not a single step though desire be strong.
You have to wait to be gathered.

Best to live with hope while wanting nothing—
Forgiving all to walk more lightly….
Pause from time to time each day, breathe deeply
And through each breath to pray
From deepest soul in highest form:
Thank you; Thank you; Thank you.


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