I’m Sure It Happened Before

 Happened BeforeI cannot say with certainty
How often it’s happened before.
I suspect more often than we suspect
Though we may never know.

But surely it had to happen before—
And without doubt will happen again.
I believe it started so long ago
That years of forgotten history passed—
Far in the past and later it happened again,
Closer but still ages ago
That we’ll never remember their names.

It happened early one morning
While most were still asleep.
It happened midday when the Sun
Cast no shadow under feet.
One year it happen when there was snow
Falling fast from dark sky one night,
Wind swirling around the tents.

Whether it ever happened to you I cannot say.
I know from the hole in my heart that
It’s happened to me more often
Than I care to remember or admit to myself.
Maybe it missed you by half an inch
Or were not standing where you were seen that day
Or slept too late in bed. Perhaps it was luck—
If you believe in such thing as luck.

Perhaps it was fate; perhaps it was prayer.
If you consider each time you had close shave
Or escaped through a hole in the net
Or maybe you had hid in dark cave….
But you were saved— not alone
Because others were there on the right,
On the left, before and behind.

I sit here wondering about you,
About me…. About how many times
We might have been together
Before we got lost. Sometimes at night
I seem to hear your heartbeat
And I lie speechless in the dark
Wondering and wondering.


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