My Life is But a Little Raft

RaftFor years I mistook my little raft
As being best and most important boat
In entire ocean….
I worshipped this raft above all others.
It took me years to turn attention to wide ocean,
Shore, and the wind and the ride
And the air I breathe each day.

Now I enjoy beauty of Sun and Moon
Rather than wish to argue about
Whose finger points most accurately
Toward whatever Light shines down.
I live my days with larger
Awareness of infinity and spaciousness—
No longer simply “out there” but
Also found “in here”.

There is no solid boundary
Between outer and inner— all is One.
I trust more fully my own inner experience
Because the Universe and God
Have allowed me sight,
Sought and found me,
Continually refine me within daily fire
Toward a greater and larger Good.


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