Needing Time to Reflect

 Moon ReflectingTonight, I am the Moon
Forever held within another’s arms,
Slowly spinning, perfectly, so that
My dark side is never seen.

When I slowly rise in the east
Whole world runs to see me.
Look up, as I look down to touch your heart,
Gaze into desperate eyes praying for love.

Never do I speak, not even a whisper,
Though many do think they see me smile
As my light shines down through clouds.
To some, I appear forlorn and alone
Though I have thousands of stars for my friends.

Slowly I walk… traverse the night sky
Waiting for great God of Light to appear…
He who is bringer of morn.
When He comes in the dusk and the dawn—
For a moment we almost are One.
Then quietly I fade to the west—
Even I need my time to reflect.


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