Die If You Must, But Put It Into Words

Die If You MustIn Honor of Dr. Louis R. Ormont

There have been times
I thought I could not get closer
To grief without dying.

And Lou said, “Go into the grief;
Die if you must.
Tell us what you feel
Even in the places
There are no words.”

I went closer,
And I did not die.
I was held
by stronger hands than mine,
sitting in a circle
at whose center was God.

Now I walk with head held higher;
Laugh heartier;
Linger to admire, admire, admire
The things of the world,
Both seen and unseen.
My ears hear between the lines,
Sense a presence
Within a spacious silence.

Sometimes there is trouble on the wind.
Wild geese scatter broken in the sky.
Love is not always returned.
Still I bow and whisper
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you
For the consoling presence of the circle,
For the accidental and intended mercy,
The presence standing here, even now.


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