Always Walking into Luminous Breeze

Luminous BreezeToday I am tired—
Tired to marrow of bone.
Though the road is beautiful,
It’s a long, hard journey.

Like an inchworm or turtle,
Progress seems so slow,
Yet always I keep walking,
Trudging, moving forward.
How far have I come? How far, O Lord?
How much further yet to go?

Like a wide river,
I need to meander slowly,
Stop expecting to be a raging
River, roaring ocean.
Come afternoon, I will walk
Along forest path into bright meadow.
I will lie down
Beside near river,
Listen to clear flowing water,
Relish sweet surrender as shadows grow.

Come with me.  If we fall asleep, though bone weary—
The world will pay the price.
Let go of hate.
Our hearts do not need the heavy burden.
Think not that you are alone.
There is Presence even in the silence.
Ask the stalwart trees who
Breathe within the luminous breeze.
Even though you need to rest when tired,
Stay awake, for if you can read this poem
Your work is not yet complete.


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