Secrets Slither Within the Mist

SnakeSecrets don’t just sit there,
Though they may be silent.
They slither like a garden snake.
Worse are those with venom,
Coiled to strike arching through the air.

Standing by pools of water,
Beware the moccasins ready to seduce,
Rattlers hiding among the stones—
Be careful not to startle
Reptilian fight or flight response.

Then there is the grueling stress of
Pythons wrapped around your lies,
Constricting blood and breath
As they tighten, tighten more—
Serpents sleeping in your past.

Please, do not plead ignorance
Nor split the trembling air with forked tongue.
Pay attention to your dreams,
Spilling grace incarnate from your sleep.
Sit among lanky trees in early morning
As mercurial forms appear within the fog,
Clarifies as Sun burns haze away revealing truth.


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